Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Talking to God, our Father

A blog from Jared, that's not a monthly newsletter??? Most everyone knows I don't blog that much (except for posting newsletters as I mentioned). Deanna, my sister in California went to link my blog to hers or something like that so my posts would pop up for others to see but then found out I never posted anything so didn't :)

I don't think I blog that often, because I fear the flesh. I want an at-a-boy-Jared. I want people to like what I write too much. Plus, it takes too much time. I could get carried away writing all the time...but how could I when I have more noble things to do: a family to disciple, a Bible to study, churches to ministerto, a lost world around us, and most importantly, a God to pray to...oh yeah, and a language to learn better? Probably why I don't post on facebook that much as well (though I'm trying to do it a little more often).

All that being said, here I am posting something. But I feel none of the things I mentioned above to be factors pulling at my flesh with this post, so here it goes. As the title says, I wanted to say two quick things, both in reference to prayer:

1) God is our! 

Yesterday, I had a distracted day. It was one thing after another. I didn't pray like I wanted, I was looking at cars on the internet here (they actually have like an auto-trader website...and we're trading in our truck) for longer than I wanted; I got caught up in a study about an issue regarding the doctrine of hell to the neglect of my study for Wednesday night (unrelated teaching topic), and to the neglect of some of the more noble things I mentioned above. I finally hit the bed that night feeling like a loser. I didn't even want to pray with Celia, but she persuaded me. Gathering the strength, I muttered out one word..."Father..." and tears welled in my eyes. He loves me as a son I thought (oh glorious thought)! Even though I'm a rotten thing, He loves me through His Son, and as a son- His (John 17:23)!

Now this is what made it sweet also. I immediately thought of my earthly father. I thought of how much Dad loves me, and its not hard to tell. It was a good feeling. Even when I fail, he is there for me and always has been- always has loved me unconditionally. And the picture of his love reflected the love of my Heavenly Father (this is what parents are for above all else, and it really helped me!). And even though it was a very good feeling to ponder on my earthly father's love, I knew oh even how much greater is my heavenly Father's love (Mat. 7:11). That was a great moment and I wanted to share it to encourage others.

2) We can talk to God (our Father)!

And on to the second thing I wanted to share to encourage in. Today, I bowed my head a few minutes before my Wednesday night teaching, and asked God to speak through me. Just as I started to ask, Arianna ran over to me, and I heard Celia say, "Arianna, not now, daddy's talking to God." Again, instantly my eyes welled up with tears and the magnitude of the moment hit me...I'm talking to God...God!!! What are we doing with our mundane pursuits of life?! We have the living God to commune with...oh saint, we have God...forsake all and run to Him! Now, get off this blog, get off facebook, get away from it all and go commune with God!

Thank you Father for sending your Son to save us. Thank you Jesus for revealing the Father; may your Spirit, Whom you and the Father send, ever increasingly open our eyes to see the Father's glory and love in Your face, amen.


  1. As always, you give me something to ponder, and as usual the child is teaching the parent. I love you so much.

  2. Thanks Jared I needed that today!! God is soooo Awesome!!