Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014 newsletter

Dear friends,

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! This newsletter will be short, as we are back in the States for Celia to give birth to our second. Celia is due to “give light” (as the Dominicans say) to the baby on my birthday, February 9th. But we all know how those due dates are, so we’ll see. Please pray for a safe delivery for Celia and the baby (we still haven’t settled on a name and we are pretty sure we are having a girl).

I am currently writing this newsletter from Georgia, where we are visiting family. We also had the privilege of visiting FBC Trenton, our only out-of-state church supporting us through giving. It was a wonderful time as they threw Celia a baby shower where we received tons of much needed baby “stuff!” Thank everyone who participated– it was truly a blessing! We also got to experience something unusual on our visit here...cold weather! The lowest we have seen in the D.R. is in the mid-60’s (maybe). We hit a little lower up here in N. Georgia. Only about 65 degrees colder at –1!!! And that wasn’t counting wind chill.

We are looking forward to returning back to Florida soon, and seeing the rest of our family and getting caught up with friends, before we have the baby. Then it will be our focus to obtain the birth certificate and passport and “all-go” from the doctor to head back (probably in March).

While we are away from the D.R. (I almost said mission field, but that would suggest while here, we’re not on mission! Not true!), please remember the Salgado family (the other missionaries serving alongside us), in your prayers, as Christen is suffering from Dengue fever. Tony is a bit overwhelmed with that and trying to get everything ready for the new church building to be built in Boruco this week. Your prayers for them, and for us regarding Celia’s pregnancy are greatly appreciated and needed. We have the greatest supporters, and are truly blessed by you all!

—Gracias y Dios los bendiga,  Jared and Celia